Weekly Dispatch: Vacation Time

Chapter 5 is done! ✨Plus✨ a nutshell review of Hades the game.

Words Written: 763
Writing Streak: 22 days

Quick dispatch today as I'm on a much needed mini-vacation this week. I've been writing at least a little every day, and managed to finish chapter 5 yesterday. What a doozy of a chapter: one long, all-day conversation interrupted by a fight scene in the middle. 😅

I've been trying not to beat myself up when I produce low wordcount days. It took me so long to edit "The Breaking" that I fell out of practice writing prose in quantity, though I've never been a fast writer even on my best days. 100-250 words seems to be my sweet spot right now, and I'm hoping that those numbers will grow once I get back into the groove of writing 3rd person past tense again.

Failure Can Be Fun

Started playing Hades the other day, after looking for a game that didn't require the commitment of a Horizon Zero Dawn or AC: Odyssey, something I could pick up, play awhile, and put down quickly.

The "rogue-like" genre amuses me because I'm old enough to have played the original Rogue on an HP-UX server back in my college days. (Then I built my own Linux box at home and caught a bad Angband habit to the detriment of my grades.) I remember well the feeling of "just one more run..."

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