Weekly Dispatch: So Close to Zero

Another unproductive week—but one with a surprising turn of events at the last moment. ✨Plus✨ my first impressions of the AC: Shadows gameplay reveal.

Words Written: 44
Writing Streak: 1

Oh hey, another unproductive week. 😅

This was going to be one of those posts where I got to tell y'all that I wrote exactly zero words this week, but in a shocking turn of events, I wrote some actual words on this draft late last night! Incredible!

I'm so, so tired. I won't get into the details, but I'm being squeezed from multiple directions—personally and professionally—and the stress is taking its toll. That said, I'm cautiously hopeful that the 44 words shown up top are an indicator of a better creative week ahead.

AC: Shadows Gameplay Preview

At long last, Ubisoft has revealed some actual gameplay from AC: Shadows.

My first impression? mostly meh

Let's bullet point this one out.

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